Cutting Edge Technology For Body Contouring.

Medical Grade Full Body Contouring
The COOLTECH procedure uses cryolipolysis technology it works on the principle that fat cells and tissue are significantly more vulnerable to temperature changes that other types of body tissue. The controlled cooling treatment activates apoptosis (controlled cell death) gradually and naturally eliminating fat from the body.

Complete body remodeling
COOLTECH is designed for treating localised fat located in many areas of the body. Several unique applicators have been specifically designed to adapt to all areas of the body, so full body sculpting is possible.
Maximum safety
COOLTECH has been studied in numerous clinical trials that have certified its great results in regard to the safety and benefit of its treatments.
Visible results
Results begin to be seen within two weeks and the treated area can continue to improve for up to two months.
What can COOLTECH do for me?
Eliminate stubborn fat deposits so you can achieve your ideal figure without surgery and its associated downtime. You can move the muffin top, banish the bingo wings and say goodbye to thunder thighs for good.
What does the treatment feel like?
The initial sensation of the handpiece attaching to the skin will be light tugging of the skin into the treatment cup. Once the target temperature is reached, the skin will be numb from sensation for most of the session and a light manual massage us given post treatment to help warm the area.
How many sessions will I need?
It varies according to the needs of each client. Depending on the amount of fatty tissue in the treatment area, the recommended maximum number of treatments per site is usually three treatments every 8-12 weeks.
When will I start to see results?
Clients can begin to see results in as little as 15 days after the first treatment with optimal results being visible two months post-treatment.

 Please contact Complete Skincare Care to further discuss how COOLTECH can help to achieve that perfect body contouring. For pricing options and a free consultation, please contact Josei at Complete Skincare Clinic on 0401 376 204.