Say goodbye to unwanted hair forever!

Unlike shaving, using hair removal creams or tweezing which all rip the hair at various points and allows quick regrowth, Electrolysis permanently removes the hair forever! This is performed by inserting a thin needle into the hair follicle under the surface of the skin destroying the hair root. By targeting the hair follicle Electrolysis can remove the unwanted hair. A number of sessions are required to achieve permanent results.
Three benefits of Electrolysis:
Look Younger
Making the skin look clearer and more youthful by removing unwanted body or facial hair.
Permanent Hair Removal
Unlike plucking with tweezers, Electrolysis permanently inhibits each follicle’s ability to grow new hair.
100% Coverage
Targeting difficult areas and grey hairs, Electrolysis can treat any area of the body.


 Please contact Complete Skincare Care to further discuss the suitability of Electrolysis Treatments which are provided.